Sunday, September 28, 2008

Episode 104: Escape from Dragon House

We definitely liked Fangtasia. It totally lived up to its name and was creep-tacular. I’m sure we’ve haven’t seen the last of Eric and that his interest in Sookie will grow.

The real question of this episode is what’s going on with Sam? He’s being setup to look like the killer, but that’s far too obvious. There’s growing suspicion amongst our ranks that Sam is a werewolf. We thought he was just looking for clues at Dawn’s house, but what the hell was that at the end??? Did he have a thing for her? Whether our suspicions are right or not, there is more going on with Sam than meets the eye.

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beth said...

Dogs are very scent driven creatures and I think Sam was mourning Dawn in his own way. Before he left the bar, there was the picture of the two of them together. Maybe they had a relationship in the past?

Another wolf reference was shown in Fangtasia. On the wall behind Sookie and Bill, a red lighted sign read "Neo Wolf". This is a description I found.

The Neo-wolf is the human race, evolved from the original life form, represented by the lupus.

But why would a vampire bar have a sign referencing a wolf? Is it a drink or food they enjoy?