Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Episode 202: Keep This Party Going

Before I say anything else about this week’s episode, I have to ask “Do I have blood in my hair?” I do have to admit that Eric’s make over is very nice. ;-)

Ok, now for the nitty gritty. I was very happy to see that Tara is a bit suspicious of Maryann, but I think Tara is going to find it very hard to pull away from her and move in with Sookie. I believe that Maryann will try to prevent it, maybe by driving a wedge between Tara and Sookie? Whatever her tactics, I’m sure she will try to keep her grip on Tara. At least, we finally got a peek into Maryann’s head thanks to Sookie. We didn’t learn much, but it was interesting to hear her true “accent”.

We finally got a closer look at the Fellowship of the Sun and all I can say is “wow, freaks”. I believe they have a different agenda then what’s apparent and their plans are starting to involve Jason, especially for Mrs. Newland. She definitely has her eye on him! It seems that Jason is still feeling guilty over what happened to Eddie. I’m wondering when his guilt is going to make him open his eyes to what he’s really getting involved in, but it is Jason we’re talking about so it could be a while. One thing is for sure, he’s going to have to watch out for the “Lukinator”.

Lafayette does not disappoint. Even when he’s in deep trouble, he’s still very amusing. And the thing with the metal in the leg, and when he started chewing on it!! I don’t think Eric will kill him, just think how much more entertaining he’ll be as a vampire…but I’m not so sure he’ll turn him into a vampire right away either. At the moment, he’s just a tasty snack.

We are starting to see the mystery unfold as Godric has gone missing, and that has Eric worried. Bill made a big mistake saying no to Eric’s request to have Sookie go to Dallas with him. I understand where Bill is coming from, but saying “no” will not prevent Eric from doing what he wants. All he did was give Eric a reason for not involving him in future problems.

The big cliffhanger of the night was obviously whether or not Bill is going to kill Jessica’s family. I highly doubt it. We already know that vampires can glamour humans into forgetting. This seems much more likely then Bill killing them. Besides, if he was just going to murder Jessica’s parents in order to “clean up”, there would have been no reason for him to stop Jessica in the first place.

Undoubtedly, Sookie is going to get a stern talking to from Bill, but I’m sure she’ll make it up to him. ;-)


Jake said...

didn't you notice in the previews this devil-like being with horns that was going to terrorize the town? well, my big mystery is finding out where the hell it came from. im thinking, seeing eric go to town on the hick in the basement of fangtasia, that he might be old and powerful enough to transform into this demon. on the other hand, eric did say that godrik was was twice as old and twice as powerful as he will ever be, and with his recent dissapearence, perhaps it may be godrik who may be the demon. either way, i do believe when this nasty being shows up in town, maryanne will be the one everyone will turn to for help and she will be the only one who can save the town from further destruction. also, did you notice all the food that witch eats?! she is such a PIG!

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Alanna said...

That's a really cool theory. It would be an awesome twist if Maryann save's the day. I did notice how much she ate! You mentioning that she's a pig just reminded me of the big pig she first appeared with. We haven't seen the pig lately, but maybe her appetite has something to do with that.

lindseygirl4 said...

I LOVE Eric's new look! and i ttly LOLed when he asked if he had blood in his hair. I hope they do turn lafayette! but it was lookin like they killed him....

C said...

I hope they don't turn Lafayette & he's saved. I think his character will become too silly if they do turn him.

Kara said...

It looks like you are going to get your wish C - doesn't look like C is going to be turned... not yet anyway!!